Japan Profix Security Service

Primary business.

Japan Profix Security Service primary objective is to provide quality bodyguards to major corporations and VIP worldwide.

We set up several meeting before the actual operation starts and try to fits your needs as much as we can Understand the needs of the client through the meeting and create and propose the best security plan for the client.

Various security and services can be arranged during your stay

  • Arrange of vehicles according to the situation
  • Arrange security driver
  • Tour guides in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka,
  • Airport pick-up service
  • Translator in various languages
  • Patrol guard in front of guest room
  • Arrange train tickets
  • Help with shopping

Crowd control, Event security service.

Crowd control security service to VIP at the airports and train stations and hotels.

Event venue security service.

It also analyzes all possible risks for each event and prepares a flexible security plan tailored to the event.

Event venue example

  • shooting venues
  • Concerts venues
  • Party venues
  • Press conferences
What is the pricing?
Please contact us because it depends on the case.
We propose flexible and optimal plans tailored to clients.
Is multilingual available?
Bodyguards are available in Japanese and English only.
Translator accompany are also available upon request.
How long is the guarding period possible?
Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Will you accept me at the airport?
Upon arrival, we will escort you from the arrival lobby.
Upon departure, we will assist you with check-in.
Escorts to the security checkpoint.
Can i use related person passage?
Can be used for both immigration and departure.
You can go to the parking lot through the related person passage.
How do you handle fans and mass media?
Combine crowds in one place using regulatory lines.
We will respond so as not to hurt the impression and statuses from fans and mass media.
Can you arrange a transfer from the airport?
Yes.We can arrange vehicle and train ticket.
I will accompany you if you wish.
Can I have security inside the hotel?
Yes. I can do it.
Do you have a female security guard?
We will arrange according to your wishes.